Summer’s Runaway – Review

Summer’s Runaway by Rebecca L Marsh

Hallie ran away from home.

But what is she running from?

And, can she hide for the entire summer?

Three and a half years ago, Hallie had a happy home with a loving mother, a father she adored, and doting grandparents she loved to spend summers with. All of that changed when her father’s career in the Army took him to the Middle East where he was killed in action. Hallie never gave much thought to her mother’s angry insistence that her grandparents had pushed him into the Army. But his death caused that anger to seep into her heart. Nothing could convince her to forgive them or ever visit their island home again … or so she thought.

But when a threat arises at home that her mother refuses to believe is real, twelve-year-old Hallie finds herself running away from home to escape. She knows a safe place where she can hide, but she’ll have to go back to the island, regardless of her feelings.

Hallie doesn’t know how long she can stay hidden or if she will be forced to see her grandparents again, but it’s a risk she has to take. No matter what else happens, she will never forgive her grandparents for her father’s death and she can’t go home … not until the end of summer.

Summer’s Runaway is perfect for anyone who likes an emotional family drama that delves into, not just the lives of the characters, but also their hearts.


My Review

This is the second book in the Princess Island series and like the first book it did not disappoint. This story hooked me during the first few lines and I could not put it down. I read it in just a couple of evenings and I couldn’t wait to get back to it.

The characters are so well written and it was a joy to go back to the Island one more time where you can see and feel the scenery with every word.

Hallie is so upset at her father’s death that she blames her grandparents that she runs away to Owen’s garage and tries to stay hidden. The book is full of characters or mentions of them from the first book and it’s nice to hear updates about them. The ending will tear your heart out when Hallie finally opens up about the real reason she had run away.

This is definitely a book you want to read! You can get your copy on Amazon and I highly suggest you do!

5 Stars

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