Pride and Fall by Staci Troilo

New release alert!!

Staci Troilo has a new book out called Pride and Fall. I am reading this right now and I cannot put it down. If you want a good story, then you need to get this book 🙂

Keep scrolling for Staci’s Christmas book When We Finally Kiss Goodnight. Amazing story!! I highly recommend this be put into your holiday rotation!



This was all Faith’s fault… he certainly didn’t buy flowers for non-dates. She had him all turned around, not thinking clearly. And that needed to stop. Now.

Carter was just about to tell Vanessa he’d changed his mind about the flowers when she presented him with the pot. The lavender scent was another punch in the gut. It smelled just like Faith, and he had to buy it because he knew she’d love it.

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When We Finally Kiss Goodnight




Buy it here:


About the Author:



Staci Troilo has always loved fiction, ever since her parents read her fairy tales when she was a young girl. Today, her interests are much more eclectic. She loves getting lost in sci-fi battles, fantasy realms, horror worlds, suspenseful intrigues, and romantic entanglements.

As goes her reading, so goes her writing. She can’t pick a single genre to focus on, so she doesn’t even try. She’s proud to say she’s a multi-genre author.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s spending time with family and friends, possibly cooking for them, or maybe enjoying an afternoon in the pool. To learn more about her, visit


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5 thoughts on “Pride and Fall by Staci Troilo

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  2. Thank you so much for hosting me today, Angela, and for showcasing two of my latest releases.

    I’m delighted you’re reading Pride and Fall and enjoying it. I’d love to know what you think when you’ve finished it.

    Thanks again for having me here today. I’m off to share this post all over my platform!

  3. It’s fabulous to see Staci’s works featured here. Consider me a fan! I’ve read both Pride and Fall and also When We Finally Kiss Goodnight, and loved them both. She is an author that definitely knows how to tell a good story!

  4. I’m reading Pride and Fall right now. Love the Cathedral Lake series! (Confession: I’m reading tonight when I should be writing, but it’s hard to put the book down.)

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