Christmas Loves by Cynthia A. Clement

Today we have the lovely Cynthia A. Clement and her holiday romance Christmas Loves. This one needs to be read snuggled up beside the fireplace.


In this delightful Christmas Regency Romance, the Holiday Season brings love and second chances.

Torn between two men…

Abandoned at the altar ten years earlier, Alicia is surprised when her ex-fiancé, Jason, returns to renew his suit. This time, his best friend Thomas, also comes courting. Alicia is no longer a child easily swayed by false promises. She is a woman who needs a man she can depend upon and trust, especially with her deepest secrets.

The Outcast…

Accused of a heinous act and banished from his family, Thomas has returned home as the new Viscount Marwick. He is no longer a second son without prospects, and is determined to win the hand of Alicia, the woman he has always loved. Can he persuade her to trust him or will she cast him aside for his best friend?

The Duke’s heir…

Jason jilted Alicia because his family didn’t approve of the match. Now, he needs a wife and Alicia’s beauty still stirs him. His prospects seem excellent and he sees no reason why they can’t continue where they left off.

Will Alicia be able to see through the lies and deceit to find true love?




“You don’t trust men.” There was sadness in Thomas’s voice.

Alicia shook her head. “I don’t trust myself. I made a horrible mistake and I don’t want to repeat it.”

“You’ve grown and matured.” Thomas leaned toward her, his voice intense. “You’ve been a wife and mother. You can’t let one mistake stop you from enjoying life.”

“It’s because I’m a mother that I have to be careful. I won’t be rushed into a decision that affects both of us.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Thomas put his hands on her arms and drew her close. “I promise to give you all the time you need.”

He bent his head and brushed his lips against hers. A jolt of fire shot through her and instinctively she leaned into him. He deepened the kiss, letting his tongue smooth against her lips until she opened for him. The world spun as he glided his tongue against hers. She was lost in the sensations stirring deep within her.

Heat coursed through her body.

Passion and hunger sparked to life.

She was breathless by the time Thomas ended the kiss. He rested his forehead against hers and it took a few seconds before their breathing returned to normal. He gave her nose a small kiss and then moved away.

“I never meant for that to happen.” Thomas’s voice was hoarse. “Please accept my apology”

Alicia straightened her gown. “There’s no need. Perhaps it would be best if we return to the ballroom.”

Thomas gave her a crooked smile. “I had no intention of pressuring you with unwanted advances.”

Alicia struggled to find the right words to explain how she felt. “The kiss was beautiful, but I’m not ready to make any decisions.”

“I will take things slower in the future.” Thomas’s voice was low with sincerity. “I have every intention of courting you properly. I’m not interested in an affair. I want you for my wife.”

Alicia’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s too soon for you to know that. You’ve only just returned to Marwick.”

“You are the only woman for me. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to win your heart, I will always be here for you.”


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About the Author:


Cynthia Clement is an award winning and bestselling author who writes about strong women and men of honor. She believes in second chances, exploring new ideas, and bringing the impossible to life. Her novels, whether contemporary, historical, or science fiction, all focus on love, honor, and intrigue.

She lives in Canada with her husband of thirty-two years, her teenaged son, and Norman, their dachshund. She has an eclectic range of interests including paranormal phenomena, ghost hunting, quilting, reading, gardening, and great conversation.

Her first book, The Seduction of Sarah, was a finalist in the HOLT Medallion Best First Book Category. Her book, aHunter4Rescue, has placed first in the 2014 International Digital Awards in the Paranormal Category and received third place in the 2014 ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award, Paranormal Romance Category

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