Review of Its a Wonderful Undead Life by R.E Mullins

5 * Review of It’s a Wonderful Undead Life by R.E Mullins


Cailey wanted Christmas to be over and done with. She had lost her mother when she was young, her marriage had recently broken up and then on Christmas Eve she receives news from her bank that she was worth more dead than alive.

In her attempt to get through Christmas she drinks herself into oblivion then goes for a walk by the river. Cailey’s Christmas goes from bad to worse when she runs into a tall, blonde stranger on a bridge by the river. Before she knows what is happening, the stranger depletes her of the majority of her blood and leaves her for dead.

Gabriel Blautsauger finds Cailey on the bridge and tries to find a way to keep her alive. Gabe is a very handsome, elegant vampire who finds himself instantly connected to Cailey.

The story flows seamlessly from scene to scene and all of the characters have a unique and distinct voice. The passion between Cailey and Gabe leap off the page and can be felt as if you were there in the room with them. The secondary characters Michaela, Metta, Rafe (Gabe’s siblings) and Morgan (Cailey’s best friend) were funny and entertaining … especially Rafe and Morgan but I will let you read into that storyline on your own.

It’s a wonderful undead life is a fantastic read that grabs you from the first line right until the last paragraph. Unfortunately while I was reading this book I was pulled away on family matters and wasn’t able to get back to it for quite sometime. While I wasn’t able to read it I found myself thinking about it and wondering what was going to happen next. When I was finally able to focus my attention back towards the book I couldn’t put it down again.

There were many twists and unexpected turns in this book and I enjoyed it so much, I quite honestly cannot wait to read the next instalment in the series.

If you are looking for a great read I highly recommend picking up a copy.


If you would like to read this great book you can buy it here:

Barnes and Noble

Book Strand

Wild Rose Publishing

R.E Mullins can be found



And on Twitter @REMullins


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