Romance Month – Kate McKeever

Well this is the last day of our February Romance Month take over. I’m a little sad to see it go, there were so many great authors and now I have so many more great books to read 🙂

However, we are not done yet! Today we have Kate McKeever and her novel A Family For Bess. This is geared up on my kindle, I can’t wait to read it!

Kate’s ideal Valentine’s date:

A quiet dinner, expertly made my me without any burns, excess mess or perspiration of course, served in front of a roaring fire. My man would be dressed in casual but very well fitting clothing and I’d be in that little black dress. After dinner, we’d slow dance, again expertly, to our favorite tunes. Afterwards, we’d look outside and discover we’re snowed in for the weekend.


My current book is A Family For Bess, a sweet southern small town romance.

Bess Howard is content in her hometown, working at the family landscaping business and enjoying her large, boisterous family. However, when Caleb Ford returns to Thorn Grove, Va. for what he thinks is a short visit, Bess begins to wonder what a life with a family, one that she can’t have, would look like.

Caleb has always envied his friend Dan his steady family. As the Howards embrace Caleb and he is tempted by the small town life and the veterinarian business his old mentor is offering him, he has to rethink his old desire to stay away from bad memories.

Will Caleb and Bess hold fast to their old ideas or will they be willing to take a chance on love and the family they both so desire?


Buy it here:

Kate McKeever was born and raised in the southern mountains and loves the closeness of small towns. She has published several sweet books and short stories, as well as paranormal romantic suspense.

A Family for Bess is the first in the Thorn Grove Series.

You can find out more about Kate at her website, 

or on Facebook,

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