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Romance Month is almost over but we cannot let it end without meeting Zrinka Jelic! Her books below all sound amazing — especially the Christmas one!!!! 


Spend entire day on a secluded little beach. Be by the water, walking, collecting shells, teasing each other, playing volleyball. Being ourselves, relaxed, no airs and graces, no need to impress each other, we just chilled out in each other’s company. Then when we’d get hungry he’d take out the lunch he picked out for us something cute with strawberries so he could feed it to me, kind of like a picnic on the beach. Then as it got darker we’d lay out on a blanket watching the sunset, until we kissed. Then we’d go in our hotel room that he booked for us, and we’d lie down next to each other and watch a movie on the television while snuggling. Then we’d fall asleep together, and wake up to each other. 


My debut novel “Bonded by Crimson” has been released on January 28th 2012, and it is available in all formats at Black Opal Books, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble Kobobooks and All Romance eBooks


Love isn’t in the cards for her…

After her short failed marriage, Kate tries to rebuild her life and takes a position as a nanny to three small boys. She quickly grows to love them, but their father, terrifies her, while igniting a passion she didn’t know she possessed. Disturbed by his distant manner with his sons, Kate struggles to make him more involved in the boys’ daily lives. Her efforts are mysteriously supported by an entity that cannot really exist. Or can she? And if she does exist, is she really trying to help Kate, or just take over her body? 

But when he deals the hand, all bets are off…

Six years after his beloved wife passed away, Matthias is still trying to become the father she wanted him to be. Not an easy task for a three-centuries-old immortal. His search for the ultimate nanny ends when Kate Rokov stumbles to his home and into his arms. The immediate attraction he feels for her seems like a betrayal of his dead wife, a love he’s harboured for over three hundred years. But when Kate is stalked by a deadly stranger, life he clung to in the past begins to crumble and break down. Can Matthias learn to trust and to love again in time to save his family from disaster, or will his stubborn pride destroy everything worth living for?

He claimed to be immortal, but that was ridiculous…wasn’t it?

Kate’s heart hammered. The experience seemed so real. A low moan escaped her and she bit her lip. Soon warmth surged through her, causing her body to go limp. Her legs gave way underneath her, but Matthias—or whoever this man claimed to be now—wrapped his arm around her waist. His sweet, musky scent clung to her. Ecstasy filled her and she felt as if she hovered in the air. If he intended to kill her like this, she could imagine no better way to die. A voice echoed through her mind, speaking of undying love in centuries old Croatian.

“Wake up,” he whispered close to her ear, his strong arms still locked around her.

“I don’t want to.” Her head wobbled, exuberant with sheer happiness, a kind she had never experienced before.

“You must.” He stroked her hair with tender fingers. “Wake up now.”

“No. I want to stay like this. Forever.” She focused on his handsome face staring at her through her haze.

His smooth cheek brushed against hers. “Me too, but you must wake.”

The fog lifted and his image appeared, clearly now. She blinked once. Twice. What had happened? She pushed away from him and flattened her back against the wall.

“You, you—”

“You,” he said, pointing at her, “asked for proof.”

I had many wonderful reviews on this novel, but this is where you can read my absolute favorite review of “Bonded by Crimson”.

“Bonded by Crimson” is a beautifully written, almost poetic piece of literary fiction. The language to me was one of the main strengths of the book.
The story is simple: Kate arrives to become the latest of a string of failed nannies to a remote home in Canada. The Croatian widower both frightens and attracts her but she loves the children and stays…” 

“Is Bonded by Crimson, by Zrinka Jelic, a paranormal romance? Yes, it is, but if you’re looking for ravenous werewolves, bloodthirsty vampires, vicious ghosts, or superhuman lovers, it probably isn’t your kind of book. While there are references to the past, the book is set in the present. In the present most people, including the female protagonist, don’t believe in, or at least try to make themselves think they don’t believe in, the paranormal. In this novel the paranormal is real…”

“A refreshing take on a vampire/ghost story. This is packed full of myth and Adriatic charm. I love that parts of the story is set in Croatia and we get to live the beautiful culture and scenery…”

“I Love the story of Kate and Matthias. Taking a position in Matthias as a nanny in Matthias household there is an instant attraction. Who is Matthias and what is his secrets?”
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My second novel, a pirate’s romance titled “Treasured Chest” released on November 24th is available at Black Opal Books Amazon Barnes & Noble AllRomance eBooks Smashwords and Kobobooks

The last thing Captain Sirena expected to find on a desolate island was…him!

When Carmen Ventura takes up her post as commander of the Strega, she becomes the new Captain Sirena, the legendary pirate most people think is just a myth created to scare children. Her first quest is to search for the “treasured chest” hidden by her predecessor. But before she can even begin the hunt, she runs into Marko Lucin, captain of the Levant and Carmen’s most insane adventure yet.

How can the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen be a bloody pirate?

Never one to pass up an adventure, especially where pretty women are concerned, Marko finds his ultimate challenge in Carmen. Not only does he fall for her courage, spunk, and intelligence, but the lady pirate can also help him get what he wants—the famous treasure everyone whispers about. His only problem—how long can he play the charming captain before she discovers his true intentions?

She was ready to walk away and leave him stranded…but the man had a treasure map. What if it was real?

Sirena’s mind raced. Even with different colors hoisted, after the last night’s raid, she ran the risk that the Strega’s sails would be detected as soon as they appeared on the horizon. Her ship could not approach the city’s defensive walls. Not until all the rumors settled and no survivors would recognize them. On the other hand, she couldn’t pass through the Pila Gates as a lone woman. Last time she had spoken to her brother, he had said he’d be docking in Ragusa’s harbor on the second Sunday of August. Still two days away, but she should pay him a visit. Maybe he’d been home and had news.

“I possess a map.” The man’s voice snapped her out of her planning.

She lowered her sword, and her glance, to his feet and flicked a crab into the sea. “Charts are of no interest to me.”

“Ah.” He stroked his chin, leaving sooty fingerprints on his blond beard. “But this is not an ordinary map.” His grin exposed a row of white teeth, a rarity. “It leads to a treasure.”

“Treasure means different things to different people.” Something familiar reflected in his eyes. She stepped back. Now, where had she seen him before?

“True,” he said, “but I believe this map is real.” The same sparkle flashed in his eyes, reaffirming that flicker of recognition, but she still couldn’t place the sense of familiarity. 

“What makes you so sure?”

“I’ve had it all my life.” He shrugged and gave a shy smile. “Call me a captain, but I’ve never been able to make any sense of the damn thing.”

Treasured Chest is captivating and action packed. The scenes were so vivid I felt the ship’s deck rolling beneath me while shouting commands to the crew and dreaming of being thoroughly kissed by Captain Marko. Treasured Chest is an exciting story, a shelf-keeper. – JJ Keller, best-selling author of Trade Agreement

I liked the character development and the plot, and it is obvious that Jelic did her homework as the shipping terms, etc., appear to be very authentic. I didn’t once come across something and said, wait a minute this is supposed to be historical—as sometimes happens with historical romances. Treasured Chest is fun and entertaining and the plot has some nice twists and turns. – Taylor, reviewer

I found Treasured Chest to be a strong second novel for Zrinka Jelic. While I enjoyed her first book, I think Jelic’s writing is much stronger in this second book. The character development is excellent, the dialogue convincing, and the plot intriguing. – Regan, reviewer

Release date: 15 July 2013

Blurb: Olivia Owen, a busy, single, high-functioning, corporate executive officer, is not afraid to die a spinster for the sake of her career. But in an alternate reality world, bridged by the angel of her Down’s syndrome sister, she meets Tom Medar, a dedicated, Croatian defense attorney who dreams of the right woman, but never has time to find her. Together they foil an adulterous murder plot while discovering there’s room for love and family in their busy lives—but not before they are separated again.

When they awaken from their alternate world, will they be able to cross countries to find each other again?

by Zrinka Jelic

“In Love Remains, Ms. Jelic has once again written a highly imaginative paranormal romance with believable characters who are both flawed and compassionate and a plot that will keep you guessing until the end.” — 
Debbie Christiana, author of Twin Flames and Solstice.

“Zrinka Jelic has achieved a high level of success with her time-travel story, Love Remains. Olivia had a difficult job, chopping employees’ heads, and then to travel to another dimension where she had a husband and children was felling. However, as with any Jelic story, the romance is strong and I was happy to travel with Tom and Olivia. At the end of life isn’t that what we seek—the warmth of love?” — jj Keller, Trade Agreement, LASR Best Book

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Excerpt: Keys in her hand, she took the two steps to the front door. She had left a few lights on, but the smell of home cooking wafting in the air stood her hair on end. Who the hell was in her house? Heart drumming, she gripped her cell just in case she needed to make a fast call for the police, then she crept through the foyer toward the kitchen. The candlelit table set for two in the dining room indicated whoever was here expected a romantic evening.
His back to her, a man stirred a pot on the stove. His tight butt swayed to an Elvis classic coming from the stereo. Had she made a date prior to her trip but forgot to cancel it? Impossible, she wouldn’t pass up on such a handsome man. Despite her dry mouth, Olivia swallowed. Whatever food the hunk was preparing on the stove smelled delicious. The frills on his apron swirled around him as he turned to her with a smile that would have melted ice caps. Light from the ceiling reflected on his wavy brown hair. “Hi, honey. I was beginning to worry.”  He stepped to her, leaned down and pecked her cheek with an odd familiarity. “Your trip must’ve been exhausting. I’m sorry the flight was overbooked, but at least the airline found you a seat in coach.” 
She wiped her cheek where his kiss still simmered on her skin. Rubbing his palms together, he turned to the stove. “Hope you’re hungry. I made your favorite, ravioli á la moi. I just have to pop garlic bread in, but that won’t take too long. So go get comfortable.” 
Frozen, she stared. His eyebrows furrowed. “I should have picked you up from the airport. Next time, I won’t let you talk me out of it.”
Her legs refused to co-operate. She couldn’t get them to move, but she managed a sharp breath. “Who are you?”
The hunk’s thick eyebrows drew closer and he cast her a puzzled glance. “Are you all right?” She flipped the phone clutched in her hand and dialed. “I’m calling the police.” 
“Olivia?” He straightened. An insecure laugh crossed his lips. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?” The voice came through the cell. 
Her dry lips scraped her tongue like sandpaper across weather-beaten wood. “There’s an intruder in my home.”
“Ma’am, is the intruder aware of your presence?”
She leveled her gaze with the man’s face and met his warm honey eyes. “Yes.”

Pick up a copy for your





It isn’t the string of crappy jobs, or people’s irrational urge to spend their money, or even his inability to ask Julie out on a date that Zach can’t get excited about Christmas. It is the fact that today is his last day he gets to spend in his preferred human form.

When jealous Tia, a wicked sorceress disguised as the pack’s alpha female, tries to force his wolf out a day early, all-consuming anger sends him into a rage against her. She punishes shape shifter Zach, by changing him to a dog. He has 48 hours to save his family and trade his life for someone else’s in order to break the spell—the only problem, Julie’s cat Miss Molly knows who he is and won’t let him near her owner. But Julie’s safety is the greatest importance and he sticks by her side.

Julie can’t resist falling in love with the stray dog she rescues. She prolongs putting a found dog ad in the local newspaper just to keep him for another day. Strange thing is, the animal reminds her of Zach.

Confronted with the woman who stole the man she secretly loves, Julie discovers the truth about Zach. When his dog form proves useless against the powerful alpha werewolf, the help comes from unforeseen allies.  

With a thrust of her head, she tossed his body across the parking lot. His back made hard contact with the cement lamp post.

She approached with slow steps. He panted. Would she finish him off? 

“Such insolence deserves a special punishment. What did you hope to gain by this pathetic attempt?” Her sinister laugher ended in a long sigh. “Let me see, what to do with you? Hmm… what I set out to do before your overconfidence got the worst of me. If you can’t be a man, then be his best friend.” 

She muttered some intangible chant. Golden fur sprouted on his front legs. What the hell? Silver, his fur was silver not golden. He wagged his bushy tail and a sudden, unexplainable desire for someone to throw a stick for him to retrieve overtook his mind. Wait a minute, focus man, something is terribly wrong here. He tried to growl. Instead a deep bark escaped his throat. A dog! The bitch turned him into a frigging dog. What sorcery was this? 

“That’s much better.” Tia licked her muzzle and turned away from him. 

“Damn it, Tia, undo this.” He barked after her, but she only sped away, her menacing laughter echoing in the foggy parking lot. 

“Perhaps your witchy little sister knows the contra spell.” Tia’s words bounced in his head just before the darkness swallowed her. 

Lexa! Yes, she studied magic, but would her powers break Tia’s spell? He darted away, summoning his sister through their special sibling connection. His Goddess wasn’t protecting him this night, but if Luperca had any mercy, maybe, just maybe his sister might be able to find someone who could break Tia’s curse and free him of this ridiculous form.

He meandered through the crowd of people hugging their shopping bags. 

“There’s a dog without a collar loose.” A man shouted, picking up a small boy in his arms. “Someone should call animal control.” 


Zrinka Jelic lives in Ontario, Canada, a member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter Kiss of Death, as well as Savvy Authors, she writes contemporary fiction—which leans toward the paranormal—and adds a pinch of history. Her characters come from all walks of life, and although she prefers red, romance comes in many colors. Given Jelic’s love for her native Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, her characters usually find themselves dealing with a fair amount of sunshine, but that’s about the only break they get. Alas, some rain must fall in everyone’s life.

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