Romance Month – Ryan Jo Summers

Today on Valentine’s Day Eve we have the fantastic Ryan Jo Summers! We have seen Ryan Jo here before but we can’t get enough of her 🙂 Her new book is being released today!! 🙂


Ryan Jo what would be your ultimate Valentine’s Date (this is really good — you have to read this one!!)

My ultimate Val’s date begins long before twilight. First sweetie and I plan a romantic dinner– surf and turf or something unusual we don’t normally treat ourselves to. We share the cooking duties, playing over shared chores. House is tiny, table is set with pretty cloth and candlelight. Music is a shared selection. When the meal is prepared, we slip off to slide into formal clothes, comb our hair and make an effort to look special. Dinner is served at a small table where we can stare into each other’s eyes and take turns feeding each other small bites. Afterward, we dance, holding each other like there is no one else in the world.
In lieu of all this, we could substitute a semi formal dinner at a waterfront restaurant with palms, tablecloths, and more candle light overlooking the water.
Next, we go out, to a movie, opera, broadway show. Somewhere again we don’t normally go to. If it’s a movie, it’s a romantic tear jerker or romantic comedy.  Afterward, we go for a stroll under the moonlight, along the boardwalk, where lights or stars twinkle softly. A carousel ride would be a bonus. Share ice cream? Sure, why not. We could walk barefoot along the sand, dancing under moonbeams and stardust.
Now, we return home, exchange our formal dress for casual attire.  I love a man who looks good in favorite jeans and bare feet. What a turn on. We make dessert–pudding, popcorn or something simple. The fireplace is lit. Music again is our only companion. We sip cocoa and share our dreams. Foreplay? Absolutely.
We’ve spent the day together, sharing all aspects of our relationship and our plans for the future. We’ve been friends first, so now we can  move on to be lovers.
Genre: Sweet contemporary romance
Blurb: Kasey Griffin is determined to prove a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis isn’t going to ruin her life or define her expectations. She is dedicated to her pregnant sister, her pets and operating her bookstore, ‘The Next Chapter’. She has everything she needs to have a full and satisfying life–the daily challenges of her condition notwithstanding.
         Then hunky musician Ben Salem rolls into town. Ben’s subtle charm quickly reminds Kasey she is more than a woman with a disease, she is also a woman with a heart. And Ben wants it.
         Will Ben still desire her once he learns the terrible details of her condition?
       It should not be this difficult, Kasey Griffin decided, taking aim at the nail head once more. Missing, she nicked her thumb again and dropped the hammer. Swallowing another oath, she sucked tenderly at her bruised thumb, cursing the wave of dizziness that lead to making this such an impossible task. Honestly, hammering a few nails in the wall was all she wanted to do.
      Well, not today at least. Temporarily admitting defeat, she returned the tools to the box and shoved them aside. Heading to the freezer, she withdrew a small bag of blended vegetables and a pint of ice cream. Sometimes chocolate chunk caramel ripple can have medicinal benefits.
     Four bites later, the phone rang. Tempted to ignore it, she waited for the monotone caller identification.
     “Call from Abbie,” the automated voice announced.
     Setting her ice cream aside, she swept the phone up from the cradle. “Hey, Sis, what’s up?” She hoped her tone sounded cheerful.
     “Not much, thought I’d call and chat. Do you have a minute?”
     “Yeah, of course. Everything okay with you and the baby?” Abbie was six months pregnant.
     “Fine, a few less kicks today. How about you? You sound tired. Are you having a bad day, sweetie?”
     Kasey sighed. Sometimes it was hard to tell. “I guess so,” she admitted, opting to tell her about the most recent failure.
     “You know Bobby would have come over and done that for you.”
     “Yes, but I want to be able to do things for myself.” She needed to be able to do things on her own, if only to prove to herself she could. That was one big difference between them. Abbie had no problems asking for help, whereas she’d rather swallow a toad than ask anyone for assistance. Character flaw? Probably. Did that make it necessarily bad? No. Just stubborn. But that was how she ran the daily affairs of The Next Chapter bookstore. And how she planned to keep running them.
Many years ago I was driving home from work on Valentine’s evening. It was rainy and around eleven PM or so. In the middle of the residential road was a cellophane bouquet of red roses, complete with ferns and baby breath. It looked to be in fine condition. My mind turned over all sorts of scenarios of why it was lying on a rainy street so late at night. Lover’s quarrel? On Valentine’s—that seemed so sad.
The next day, while returning to work, I saw they were gone. The unanswered question stayed with me for several years. Finally, I wrote the story. First, it was began as therapy, with no intention of publication. I had been experiencing some physical limitations and my frustration was an all time high. To cope, I created a heroine and gave her a disease with physical limitations. And a love interest to challenge her. The memories of the roses in the road resurfaced and became a pivotal part of the story,
One more scene is the hero walking, with his guitar case and duffle bag, into town after his truck breaks down. Again, true story. I spotted a man walking into town from the expressway, with a duffle bag on his shoulder and swinging a guitar case.
Me 4-25-2015  choice 1
Ryan Jo Summers is a North Carolina writer who likes to pen romances with a twist. Love stories blended as inspirational, with paranormal, suspense or time travel–or several at once. She also writes non-fiction for regional periodicals. Her dad is a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry, so Ryan came by the writing gene honestly.
         Her hobbies include poetry, bird watching, houseplants and gardening, gathering with friends, hiking in the forest, painting canvas and ceramics, and working wiggly word find puzzles, mah johngg or chess.  She lives in a 1920 cottage with a menagerie of pets. She often daydreams of the shore and frequently uses water as settings in her stories.

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  1. Angela, thank you for such a lovely visit! And a great display of my new cover. I am delighted to add that Glimpse Eternity is now available for pre-order at a low introductory price. I hope you have a super romantic Valentine’s day.

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