Romance Month – Rachael Kosinski

Today we have Rachael Kosinski! Even though this is Valentine’s month Rachael has a wonderful romance about Christmas…now anyone that knows me knows that my favourite time of the year is Christmas.

For those just learning about my quirks I’ll give away this little secret — I start the Christmas countdown on January 1st — Yes I am not joking.

Rachael’s book is first on my kindle right now! 🙂


What is your ultimate romantic Valentine’s date Rachael:
I’ve actually never had a Valentine’s date before, so where to start! I think I would like to have something low key but very cute. I’d like to be in a warm place so my significant other and I could walk around and maybe hike? I wouldn’t want to be cooped up for hours at a restaurant or inside. Though I wouldn’t mind if we cooked a fancy dinner together instead! Then we could blast music in the kitchen and dance around while we cook. Near the coast–Maine or all the way to the Carolinas, as long as there’s nice water to look at or play in–would be good because then we could sleepover in a bungalow or a tiny log cabin. There would be snuggling, and getting coffee at a hometown cafe, and probably chocolate croissants because those are the most delicious things on the planet. We could curl up and read together at the end of the day, or watch a movie, or just talk. Oh, that sounds really nice! I’m all day-dreamy now.
Tell us about your book (Christmas? I’m totally in love already!!):
My book (a novella, really) is called The Christmas Lights! Yes, it says “Christmas,” but the holiday is not the main focus.
 final 200 by 300 rachael kosinski
The Christmas Lights is told from the point of view of Louis Éclat, a young man who just wants the right to marry the girl he loves. It doesn’t help that he’s poor, fatherless, and has vision so horrible that he might as well be blind. However, these barriers fail to stop the young man when his love Emmeline’s father proposes an ultimatum: if Louis becomes a man of wealth by Christmas, he may marry Emmy. Only, December is merely nine months away. With no time to lose, Louis hops the Atlantic and seeks his fortune in the unforgiving nooks and crannies of European cities: Paris, Switzerland, and London. Becoming wealthy is harder than it seems, but Louis accumulates an odd band of friends along the way. An eccentric artist, a Russian jeweler and two factory boys swear to help him on his quest. This nineteenth-century romance twists and turns as Louis must get home to Pennsylvania in time for Christmas—and not lose himself along the way.
“Where do Christmas lights come from?”
Those tiny bulbs of color that burn on a Christmas tree,
Or outside a house to shine in the night.
Does anyone really know where they originate?
What if someone told you
They weren’t intended for Christmas at all,
But really for a miracle?
That they were for love, a desperate idea, to light a boy’s way home?
In that case, you must have some questions.
What boy? What love?
Have a seat. Allow me to tell you a story.
Buy it here: Amazon
Author bio: 
Being an author is the best job in the world. At least, that’s what Rachael Kosinski has decided. On any given day she can sit atop Westminster palace alongside a thief as he listens to a crown princess spin fairytales, or scour an Egyptian temple for hidden chambers laid by Ancient Greeks, or wander Europe with a boy as he tries to gather enough wealth to marry his betrothed. She can cry, rage, laugh and scheme in front of her laptop for hours as long as coffee is at her side—and she wouldn’t want it any other way.
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