Sizzle in the Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection Anthology – Beth Carter

Today for our Anthology spotlight we have Beth Carter and her Sizzle in the Snow story Santa Baby. Loved this story too!!

Check it out!

Blurb for SANTA BABY:

Unlucky-in-love Brooke Woods finds herself with a Christmas delivery and it isn’t from Santa. When her boyfriend leaves her for their neighbor, Brooke heads to the nearest bar. She meets hunky, nice guy Anderson Bradley but the two only exchange first names. Their hot fling leaves them both wanting more but their anonymity makes that impossible. Brooke never thought she’d end up in a hospital pregnant at Christmastime. Will a Santa baby bring Brooke and the father together or tear them apart?



December 23

“Push. Push.” The stout nurse glanced at the monitor and back to the patient.

“I am pushing.” Brooke’s face twisted in pain. She squinted at her feet in the cold stirrups, rethinking the alternating red and green toenail polish for Christmas. It seemed like a good idea when everyone at the salon was getting holiday pedicures. Brooke threw her head against the gurney, squeezed her eyelids together, and pushed again.

“Push harder,” Nurse Ratchett barked.

Of course that wasn’t her real name since her nametag read ‘Pierce, R.N.,’ but Brooke decided it was exactly who she favored with her pale skin, large build, and tight bun—not to mention her quaint bedside manner.

“Where’s Dr. Walker? Shouldn’t we wait for him?” Brooke gripped the cold, metal bed rails until her knuckles turned white.

“Normally, yes, but this baby isn’t waiting. Dr. Bradley will be here any moment.”

“Dr. Bradley? Who’s that?”

“He’s filling in for Dr. Walker.”

“Where’s my doctor? Where’s Dr. Walker?”

“At a conference.”

Brooke’s head popped up. She bared her teeth. “You mean the doctor I’ve had since my teens isn’t delivering my baby?”

“Nope. He’s attending a conference on the gorgeous island of Maui. Needed the Continuing Medical Education credits, I suppose. Don’t we all need to take classes in Hawaii over Christmas?” The nurse laughed.

“Hilarious. Now, I get to have my first child with a—” Brooke wriggled as another wave of labor pains passed—“with a stranger who isn’t even here.”

“Dr. Bradley’s in another delivery room. He’ll be here soon.” A young nurse with a bouncing brown ponytail pulled a tray with scary-looking metal instruments toward the other side of the bed. The nurse grinned at her portly co-worker. “Dr. Bradley’s so hot.”

The older nurse shrugged. “He’s not my type.”

“All of the nurses take bets to see who he’ll ask out next. Everyone wants to date the baby doctor.”


But it here:




In marketing for 25 years and formerly a bank vice president, Beth Carter shed her suits and heels to pen novels and children’s picture books. Her debut novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, received the coveted RONE award in 2015 in the “Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit” category. Carter’s novel released in August, 2014, from Soul Mate Publishing. In addition to being a novelist, Carter writes children’s picture books including: SANTA’S SECRET, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE? and THE MISSING KEY. Her short stories and poems are published in five anthologies and four six-word memoir collections alongside famous authors and celebrities. When she isn’t writing, you’ll likely find her sipping a skinny vanilla latte or at T.J. Maxx.

Here’s how folks can connect with Beth! 

Website: (Women’s fiction and contemporary romance) (Children’s books)


Amazon Author Page:


Check out Beth’s novel Thursday at Coconuts:

 Three BFFs, sexy bad-boy cops, hippies, and neurotic brides.

What could go wrong?


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