Sizzle in the Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection Anthology – Amy Deason

Today begins a week of highlighting Soul Mate Publishing’s latest Christmas anthology release! 

To start off we have friend Amy Deason and her story Second Chances, A Christmas Story! 

In my story, Second Chances, A Christmas Story, Grace Sellers needs a new start after a extremely tough year. When she and her two children return to her old hometown, the last person she expects to run into is her high school crush. When they reunite, sparks fly but will the damage from their past relationships destroy this second chance of happiness? Or will love prevail, proving that second chances do exist?



Octavia turned and was headed out the door when she stopped, looking back over her shoulder, her mouth turned up in a smile. “I just thought you might be interested to know that Michael Dennison is the coach.”

Grace stopped in her tracks. “Michael?” she asked, her heart skipping a beat. For a moment, she forgot to breathe. Michael Dennison. Good Lord, that man had been hot. Tall with an athletic build, dark brown hair and incredible blue eyes, he caught her attention no matter where she was. Or he used to the last time she’d seen him, several years ago when she’d been down here for a visit.

“I see you remember him,” Octavia laughed., stopping in the doorway and turning back.

“Of course I do. How could I not? But wait, he’s the basketball coach here? I thought he moved away to the city.”

“Oh, he did, but he got divorced three years ago and moved back. He’s got a little girl, Nicole. Actually,” Octavia mused, tilting her head, “she’s about the same age as Gracie. Hey, maybe they could become friends. And no, before you ask, I don’t think he’s involved with anyone. Yet,” she drawled out, her intention crystal clear.

Grace could feel her face heating up. “Come on, you don’t seriously think he’d be interested in me do you? I mean, he was so good looking . . .….”

“And you’re what? Chopped liver? Give me a break.” Octavia rolled her eyes dramatically. “I know for a fact that the man had the hots for you for a long time. I doubt that’s changed. Oh and one more thing…”


“If I were you, I’d find that charger for your phone. I have a feeling that you might be getting a message pretty soon,” her friend replied mischievously. “Well, gotta go. See you tomorrow about five.,” she said, dashing out the door before Grace could say another word.

“Mom, Lee won’t get out of my room!” Grace yelled, her voice traveling down the stairs.

With a sigh, Grace started up the steps and heard Lee giggling hysterically.

Oh man, she I’ve got to find that charger.



Amy learned to read at the tender age of three. Once she started, she never stopped. Growing up, she could always be found snuggled in some quiet corner with her nose stuck in one book after another. Her desire to read soon led to her passion for writing. As a child and teenager, Amy wrote poetry and short stories for her family and friends, delighting them with her vast imagination. From child to adult, she has continued to read everything she can get her hands on. Her love for a good book knows no boundaries and crosses every genre imaginable.

Amy currently lives in NW Arkansas with her wonderful husband, Shaun, and three energetic children. But of course their family would not be complete without their two loveable Shih Tzus, Tucker and Dylan.

When Amy’s not working or writing, or possibly sneaking in a few quiet minutes of quiet reading, she can be found with her family riding bicycles around town, playing sports, watching movies, or taking pictures. (Although she takes so many photographs, the kids try to run and hide every time she breaks out the camera).

Amy would love to hear from you. 

You can reach her several ways:

Facebook: or

Twitter: Amy Deason@Ames13011 AmesGrace13011


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