Welcome Samanthya Wyatt!

Today we welcome Samanthya Wyatt!  Book 3 in the One and Only Series is now available!! You have got to check out these books!! SO GOOD!!

Book 3 in the One and Only Series available October 14th at amazon.

If you liked the introduction of the duke in the first book, now read Giles story.The Only One – Book 3 – Giles’ story 
A dangerous lord’s warning sparks devastating results

One impulsive kiss to prove the young girl flirted with danger shakes Giles’ firm resolve. The young American is wild and reckless, and before long he realizes, she’s too much to handle. He surrenders. A duke must adhere to his duty. His title demands his home is in England. Tormented with longing for the woman who branded his very soul, he forsakes nobility and returns to claim the love he has carelessly thrown away. 

A girl’s determination triggers a woman’s desire

From the first moment Alexandria saw the duke she knew he would be hers. Determined to get the man she wants, she devises a plan, curbs her reckless nature, and presents the proper lady his nobility requires. The interference of her brothers disrupts her amours pursuit, yet the feisty girl seduces the lord with a woman’s passion, and brands the duke hers forever.


   Available at Amazon October 14th


See how it all started with Book 1 in the One and Only Series

The Right One – Book 1 – Morgan’s Story

He abducts the wrong woman . . . she proves she is the right one.

Find out what happened to Kat’s brother in the thrilling sequel


The True One – Book 2 – Stephen’s story 

Will the passion they share be enough? He must choose—her or revenge.


Samanthya Wyatt loves a good romance story. She left her accounting career and married a military man, traveling and raising her children in the United States and abroad, and now lives in the Shenandoah Valley. Her dream of being published came true with Soul Mate Publishing. She writes contemporary and historical romance. She enjoys penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes.

 Visit her website to find out about her books and more. 

Find Samanthya Wyatt @ www.samanthyawyat.com , amazon, FaceBook, Goodreads, Soul Mate Publishing, and Night Owl Reviews.

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