Romance Month – Mandi Benet

Today on Romance Month we have Mandi Benet, her book To Rome With Love is out TODAY!! I have my copy already :) It sounds so good and her ultimate Valentine’s date sounds amazing!

Mandi what would be your ultimate romantic Valentine’s date.

Yes, I know George Clooney chose Venice. But to my mind, there are few more romantic cities in Italy, let alone the world, than Rome. With its gorgeous vistas, historic piazzas, and the general ardor of the locals, Rome is one huge, unending backdrop for romance. And particularly on Valentine’s Day.

So, for some Rome-ance in Rome,  I’d plan a combination of any of the following jaunts:

  • A late-afternoon boat row across Villa Borghese’s idyllic lake
  • An early evening visit to one of the city’s most tranquil and least known romantic spots: the Temple of Venus and Roma, located on the Velian Hill and built by the Emperor Hadrian.
  • Some lip locking in the lingering glow after sunset at the Pincio Gardens with its elaborate terraced gardens of the gourmand Lucullus, who held legendary banquets there. Check out the marble busts of Italian heroes and artists that line the pathways and, from the balustraded terrace, catch a view of Piazza del Popolo.
  • An aperitivo at the gorgeous Terrace Bramante bar at Hotel Raphael, overlooking Rome’s famous Piazza Navona with views of the Vatican and the surrounding colorful rooftops.
  • A stroll at dark across the Ponte Sant’Angelo with Bernini’s bewitching angels.
  • More smooching at Rome’s premier make out spot, the Gianicolo hill.
  • Dinner at Casina Valadier, a magnificently decorated Neoclassical building on the Pincio Hill and one of Rome’s most historic restaurants.


 Tell us about your book

Title of Book: To Rome With Love. (Book 1 of Love in the City series)

Author: Mandi Benet

Release Day: Feb. 10, 2016 (TODAY!!!!!!)

Tagline: Big City, Big Love, Happy Endings


When Gaby Conte’s Italian husband, Danieli, abandons her for a young Peruvian waitress at a restaurant they co-own in San Francisco, Gaby seeks refuge in Rome with her best friend Maria. There, she swears off romance for a long while and Italian men forever. That’s until she meets Silvio, who belongs to an old, aristocratic Roman family and lives in a palace alongside the best private art collection in Rome. Silvio, who is the cousin of Maria’s husband, is going through his own divorce. He’s gorgeous, of course, which Gaby doesn’t tell him. And arrogant and condescending, which she does. The last thing Gaby needs is more Italian trouble, but the attraction is instant and powerful, and against the backdrop of one of the world’s most romantic cities, both try—and fail—to resist the chemistry between them. But both Gaby and Silvio have made a rule never to make the mistake of trusting in love again. Will they realize some rules are made just to be broken?


Excerpt Number One


“I have a surprise for you.”

Gaby’s eyebrows slammed together at her best friend Maria’s words. She didn’t like surprises. Maybe because she’d had so many of them, lately. Mostly of the nasty kind. Surprises like her husband Danieli telling her he was divorcing her to marry Angelica, a twenty-four-year-old Peruvian waitress at the San Francisco restaurant he and Gaby co-owned. A woman with the body fat of a Sony Ericsson flip phone, who filled the saltcellars with sugar and routinely dropped trays of expensive wine, but was, miraculously, never too tired for sex. Or at least that’s what Danieli had said.

Surprises like the restaurant’s maître d’ breathlessly confiding to Gaby that Angelica’s sexual exploits had earned her the moniker, “The Lima Lay,” and that said “Lima Lay” could suck a melon through a garden hose. (Gaby hadn’t cried that much since Princess Diana died.)

Maria herself had sprung something of a surprise on her, too, though, thankfully not of the nasty kind. More like the mind-blowing kind. Barely an hour earlier, her friend had picked Gaby up at Rome’s Fiumicino airport and instead of taking her to a nice flat with a nice view, had transported her to a block-long, 16th century Renaissance limestone palace on Via del Corso that popes and princes had called home. It boasted enough sumptuous furnishings, masterpiece art, and priceless antiques to make the White House look like Applebee’s—and made Gaby very nervous she’d spill Chianti everywhere. And let’s not forget the surprise of walking into what turned out to be the ancestral home of Maria’s uber-wealthy new husband, Carlo Pierangeli, through its vast, silent, cloistered courtyard and up a frescoed stone staircase to the piano nobile, only to discover it overlooked the Colosseum. That’s right. ThatColosseum.

So, yes, even though Gaby knew the palace might just be the perfect place to heal from the humiliation of her divorce, her head was fairly whirling with all the surprises, and she honestly didn’t think she had the strength for any more. “I don’t like surprises.”

“You’ll like this one.” Maria pulverized basil, pine nuts, and generous helpings of olive oil to make pesto and then started sautéing some small chicken breasts for dinner. Gaby wasn’t hungry, but in Italy it was a crime not to eat, particularly if your hostess was cooking.

Maria fixed her gaze on Gaby, her celadon eyes filled with sympathy. “Carissima amica,” she chided her gently. “You’re almost divorced now and it’s time to meet someone new. And I have just the candidate.”

Gaby set her glass firmly down. “Now, Maria . . .”

Maria lifted her hand like a traffic cop. “I know what you’re going to say, but—”

Just then, there was an insistent rapping on the door of the apartment.

Scusi.” Maria deposited her glass on the counter and walked to the foyer.

Gaby heard her unlock the door and say, “Caro,” and then a man’s voice speaking rapid Italian. His tone was firm but low and Gaby couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“I’m making pasta. Why don’t you come eat with us?” Maria asked in Italian.

Curious, Gaby opened the elegant paneled doors several inches and poked her head out. In the doorway was a tall man with a swath of silky dark hair that looked as if it had been styled by the fashion gods at L’Uomo Vogue, and a face finely carved by the angels. He looked like a first-century sculpture, lean and sleek, all muscle and sinew, and his fitted lavender shirt set off his bronzed skin and hinted at the kind of muscled biceps and washboard abs to make a woman weep. Only the most supremely confident man could wear lavender. And jeans that snug.

Gaby’s stomach tumbled to her toes. Not too many men caught her attention and it was still always a shock for her when one did. Was this Maria’s surprise? Noticing her suddenly, the man stopped talking and turned toward her, his eyes pinning her in place from twenty feet away. She tried not to stare, but it wasn’t easy. A girl could hang coats from those cheekbones.



Silvio pivoted to toss the tissue into the garbage, and then turned back. He stood rooted in place, watching her. Gaby shivered. Waited. Waited some more. She knew she should run but she couldn’t move. She felt locked to that room. Locked to this man.

He stretched out his hand and stroked her cheek softly with his thumb. Goose bumps immediately broke out on her arms. He saw them and smiled, quirking an eyebrow at her in amusement. Her skin felt feverish now, and she could feel moisture settle between her breasts.

Silvio ran his knuckles along her jawline, gently caressing her skin, and then moved to her lips, lips she hadn’t much thought about until now, until he touched them, until he made them burn. With one finger, he traced their outline, dipping in and out of the perfect Cupid’s bow that crowned them, and then sweeping along the seam.

His own lips parted and he stared into her eyes. Was he asking for permission? She couldn’t give it to him. Her mouth was as dry as a crouton and her brain wasn’t working too well.

The air around them pulsed and thickened and Gaby stood as still as a hot summer noon, her heart slowing to thick, solid beats. The banked fire in his gaze sent electrical charges zipping through her, and she felt desire spring crazily within her. She didn’t even like this guy, right? But she saw the lust in his eyes and wanted more. Maybe it was the heat, or too much Chianti the day before, or the fact that Rome exuded a widescreen romance impossible to resist, but only a thin slice of air separated them and, suddenly, she couldn’t wait for Silvio to breach it. She could feel his breath warm on her temple, see his nostrils flare wide, feel him ready to pounce like a lion spotting a limp. She closed her eyes in readiness and before she knew it, he had bent toward her and crushed her mouth to his.


 Mandi Benet:

Mandi Benet grew up in England and published her first piece of fiction when she was twelve. She has been scribbling away ever since as an award-winning journalist— covering everything from the Democratic Convention to the Oscars for major American national newspapers and magazines— and as an author, writing sexy women’s fiction and contemporary romance with rich, original characters. Mandi is a member of RWA National and the San Francisco branch of RWA.


 To Rome With Love | Release, February 10, 2016

Romance Month – Stacy Hoff

Today on our Romance Month we have one of my favourite authors visiting! Please help me welcome Stacy Hoff!! Her books are amazing, if you haven’t read any, you need to click the links below! You will not be disappointed!


The Ultimate Romantic Date

The ultimate romantic date would take place in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art after the museum is closed to the public. The American Wing would be the best location, right in front of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s “Garden Landscape” mosaic. A blanket, some brie, a loaf of baguette and a bottle of wine would make the most romantic picnic ever. Classical musicians would be nearby, playing Pachelbel’s Cannon.


Book blurb

Ana Davis has been given the promotion of the century—from secretary to television producer. But the new job is not without its problems. The network will do anything for ratings. In the executive’s scramble to come out on top, they reveal Ana’s newest show—one she’s forced to star in herself. She’ll have to survive in the Arctic Circle for twelve days. If she wins, she’ll get the prize money she desperately needs. But the stakes are high, she could lose her very life. Good thing she’s been paired with expert survivalist William “Redd” Redding, a mysterious, solitary and very sexy man. Too bad she thinks he doesn’t even want to talk to her.

William “Redd” Redding is a former Special Ops Marine in need of cash to help a cause near and dear to his heart. What he’s not in need of, however, is Ana Davis—his clueless but captivating partner. It’s up to Redd to ensure the two of them survive in the most dangerous, hostile environment of all. But worse than snowstorms, predators, and a scarcity of food is an even greater danger—Ana. Resisting her, when he wants her more than anything, is his hardest challenge yet. How does he go about protecting her when his ultimate goal is to protect his heart?



“I’m not into surprises, Ana,” Redd said gruffly. “Not when our lives are on the line. Do you have any survival skills or don’t you? I’ve got to know exactly what I’m dealing with.”

“I-I’m sorry,” Ana stuttered, although she wasn’t sure what she was apologizing for. Her slow response, or for not being somebody better?

“Just level with me, okay?” he said again, gentler this time. “I won’t be mad. Panicked, maybe. But not mad. At least not mad at you.” He managed to give her a small smile. She wished to God it was sincere.

“All right, I’ll level. But I hope you won’t be too upset. I don’t have any survival skills at all.”

“None at all,” he repeated tonelessly.

“Well, no. I grew up in Brooklyn. The show wants me to say I’m from Manhattan but you said you want me to be honest.”

“Have you at least gone camping before?”


“Great.” He exhaled hard, his expression showing relief. “How often do you go?”

“I’ve only been once, actually. But that still counts, right?”

“That depends,” he said, looking as if he had a sudden, severe headache.

“I went during summer camp, right after seventh grade. My whole bunk slept outside. It was fun. The counselors even let us roast a whole bag of marshmallows.”

She could have sworn she heard him swallow. It was almost as if he was choking on one of those marshmallows.

“Any hiking experience?” he asked weakly.

Be engaging, Ana. Don’t look so scared. Crack a joke or something. She managed a playful smile. “Close. I’ve told people to take a hike.”

He bit down on his lip. It looked like he was in pain. “Fishing?”

“No. The closest I’ve gotten to fishing is picking up jars of herring from the supermarket.” Taking one look at his ashen expression, she added, “I’m a fast learner though. If you teach me how to do these things, I’ll catch on quick. I even managed to learn a whole lot about wilderness survival before I came up here.”

“I think I need a beer,” he said, abruptly changing the topic.

“I can get you one, if you want.” Ana felt her face go hot.

When he stepped away, she put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. “Look, I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted in a partner,” she said quietly. “I kinda got forced into this. With no notice for me to prepare.”

He swallowed again, seemingly making a determined effort to soften his countenance. “I’m sure you’ll do fine. Just do what I tell you, and we’ll get through this ordeal as best as we can.” His face was so scrunched up now he could have been a shar-pei puppy. “How’d they force you?”

“I’m their newest producer. I don’t have much track record yet, so . . .”

“That explains it.”


Author Bio

Stacy Hoff is a writer, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for almost two decades, specializing in contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

Stacy loves to connect with people on social media. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook as follows:

You can also e-mail her through her website:

Buy Links




AMAZON LINK FOR HOT SEDUCTION (box set with Stacy Hoff):

AMAZON LINK FOR SEASON OF LOVE (box set with Stacy Hoff):

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Romance Month – Rachael Kosinski

Today we have Rachael Kosinski! Even though this is Valentine’s month Rachael has a wonderful romance about Christmas…now anyone that knows me knows that my favourite time of the year is Christmas.

For those just learning about my quirks I’ll give away this little secret — I start the Christmas countdown on January 1st — Yes I am not joking.

Rachael’s book is first on my kindle right now! :)


What is your ultimate romantic Valentine’s date Rachael:
I’ve actually never had a Valentine’s date before, so where to start! I think I would like to have something low key but very cute. I’d like to be in a warm place so my significant other and I could walk around and maybe hike? I wouldn’t want to be cooped up for hours at a restaurant or inside. Though I wouldn’t mind if we cooked a fancy dinner together instead! Then we could blast music in the kitchen and dance around while we cook. Near the coast–Maine or all the way to the Carolinas, as long as there’s nice water to look at or play in–would be good because then we could sleepover in a bungalow or a tiny log cabin. There would be snuggling, and getting coffee at a hometown cafe, and probably chocolate croissants because those are the most delicious things on the planet. We could curl up and read together at the end of the day, or watch a movie, or just talk. Oh, that sounds really nice! I’m all day-dreamy now.
Tell us about your book (Christmas? I’m totally in love already!!):
My book (a novella, really) is called The Christmas Lights! Yes, it says “Christmas,” but the holiday is not the main focus.
 final 200 by 300 rachael kosinski
The Christmas Lights is told from the point of view of Louis Éclat, a young man who just wants the right to marry the girl he loves. It doesn’t help that he’s poor, fatherless, and has vision so horrible that he might as well be blind. However, these barriers fail to stop the young man when his love Emmeline’s father proposes an ultimatum: if Louis becomes a man of wealth by Christmas, he may marry Emmy. Only, December is merely nine months away. With no time to lose, Louis hops the Atlantic and seeks his fortune in the unforgiving nooks and crannies of European cities: Paris, Switzerland, and London. Becoming wealthy is harder than it seems, but Louis accumulates an odd band of friends along the way. An eccentric artist, a Russian jeweler and two factory boys swear to help him on his quest. This nineteenth-century romance twists and turns as Louis must get home to Pennsylvania in time for Christmas—and not lose himself along the way.
“Where do Christmas lights come from?”
Those tiny bulbs of color that burn on a Christmas tree,
Or outside a house to shine in the night.
Does anyone really know where they originate?
What if someone told you
They weren’t intended for Christmas at all,
But really for a miracle?
That they were for love, a desperate idea, to light a boy’s way home?
In that case, you must have some questions.
What boy? What love?
Have a seat. Allow me to tell you a story.
Buy it hereAmazon
Author bio: 
Being an author is the best job in the world. At least, that’s what Rachael Kosinski has decided. On any given day she can sit atop Westminster palace alongside a thief as he listens to a crown princess spin fairytales, or scour an Egyptian temple for hidden chambers laid by Ancient Greeks, or wander Europe with a boy as he tries to gather enough wealth to marry his betrothed. She can cry, rage, laugh and scheme in front of her laptop for hours as long as coffee is at her side—and she wouldn’t want it any other way.
Social media:

Romance Month – Colleen Myers

Hellooooo! Today we kick off Romance Month of visiting authors who will be letting us know their ultimate Valentine’s dates and telling us about their books! Come back daily to see who we have!!

To kick us off we have Colleen Myers and her debut novel Must Remember, it sounds incredible and I can’t wait to start reading.


Colleen, tell us what your ultimate Valentine’s date would be: 
Romance is such an individual experience. That is why there are so many genre’s so many tales to tell.  My personal favorite valentines date would first off, start with a day off. (Which anyone in this day and age knows does not always happen.)  Then I am a sucker for cuddling, a home cooked meal and movies.  No going out for this girl (because I live in Pittsburgh, PA. In February there is snow on the ground. brrrr.)

My debut novel, Must Remember, released in November 2015.
I was inspired to write it by my husband who recently passed away due to cancer. The book is a science fiction romance. Love in space =P.
Blurb is below.
Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth ‘Beta’ Camden is a survivor.

When the E’mani—those pale alien freaks—destroy Earth with a plague of madness and scoop up the remains, Beta is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. For years, she endures their tortures, experiments and games. Then one day, she manages to escape their ship with her life, and no memory of her time with them.

Stranded on their world, Beta wanders the mountains, looking for a way home. She stumbles onto the Fost—the E’mani’s ancient enemy. Their war with the Imani is old and rooted in magic that the Fost once had and the Imani crave. Magic Beta soon discovers she’s developing along with strange tattoos and disturbing glimpses of her past. The Fost take her in and train her in their ways. As she spends more time with them, she falls in love with their culture and with Marin—he of the hot hands and slit eyes.

But the E’mani took her for a reason and they want her back—dead or alive. If Beta doesn’t remember that reason soon, they’re all going to die.
Colleen S. Myers was raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA where she grew up on Harlequin teen romances and stories from her mother’s days as a paramedic. After graduating from Allegheny College, she spent a year in service in the Americorp working at a local Pittsburgh Women Infants and Children Clinic before attending Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine on a military scholarship. Upon completing medical school, Myers attended residency at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and earned three meritorious service awards. After serving seven years of active duty, including being on base in Washington, DC during 9/11, she is now a physician at a VA Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Still an avid fan of romances into adulthood, Myers’ love of the genre inspired her to hone her craft as a writer, focusing on contemporary romance and science fiction. Her background in medicine and the military provides an inspiring layer of creative realism to her stories and characters. Myers’ first book, Must Remember, the first of the Solum series, is published by Champagne Press. The sequel, Can’t Forget, is the recipient of the 2015 RWA New England Readers Award.

Buy links:             Amazon –
                                Barnes and Nobles
                                All Romance/ARE café
                                Champagne books

Welcome Madelyn Hill!

Today we welcome Madelyn Hill and her book Heather in the Mist! 

Let’s check it out :)
Heather In The MistBuy Link:

Back Cover Blurb:

Forced to wed to save her clan, Lady Rogan Cameron agrees to wed without love. 

What her father doesn’t know is Lady Rogan has plans of her own—plans to keep her from a loveless marriage. Can she save the clan before she has to say “I do?” 

Ian Albright abolished all ties to Scotland after his family betrayed him and he is now nursing a wounded ego due to an unfaithful fiancée. He pledges never to return to his home until the fateful day he accepts an invitation to his dear cousin’s wedding. The minute he sees his cousin’s betrothed, his heart is captured. If only she didn’t belong to another . . . 

Lady Rogan and Ian have known each other since they were young and bent on vexing each other. Now, the only thing they find vexing is the fact Rogan is betrothed to another. Together they fight their growing attraction while investigating the forces bedeviling the clan. Yet at every turn their foe appears and wreaks havoc. When tragedy strikes, their hopes are dashed again. 

Can Lady Rogan and Ian’s love win when fate seems determined to keep them apart?


Author Bio:

Madelyn Hill has always loved the written word. From the time she could read and all through her school years, she’d sneak books into her textbooks during school. And she devoured books daily. At the age of 10 she proclaimed she wanted to be a writer. After being a “closet” writer for several years, she sent her manuscripts out there and is now published with Soul Mate Publishing. And she couldn’t be happier! 

A resident of Western New York, she moved from one Rochester to another Rochester to be with the love of her life. They now have 3 children and keep busy cooking, watching their children’s sporting events, and of course reading!


Find Madelyn at the following Social Networking Links:





Christmas Guest Post by Angela Christina Archer


The Imperfect, Perfect Gingerbread House
Anyone who has ever purchased one of those gingerbread house kits and has successfully constructed and decorated their house to look exactly like the one on the box, I applaud seriously applaud. Perhaps, even standing ovation in front of millions of people, applaud.

For two years now, I have purchased one of these kits, brought it home, started to ice it, and about half way through I push it aside and tell my daughter “decorate it how you want, I give up.”

Last year, she didn’t care. She happily begun grabbing candy and sticking them in a disorganized fashion that would pop a fuse in anyone’s OCD fuse box. I know because several of mine did. But, to her, all she cared about was having fun and occasionally, sneaking one of the candies.

This year; however, played a different story. After I realized that, yet again, the shingles, door, snowman, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, or anything else wouldn’t even remotely resemble the one on the box I pushed it aside and told her to have fun with it.

And, that’s when it happened.

Although, she began to decorate as she had always done, this time, after several minutes she frowned and stopped working on it. “But it doesn’t look like the one on the box,” she said with disappointment in her little voice.

At first, her reaction shocked me, and then the guilt pounded down and overwhelmed. In my quest for perfection, I had given her the notion that the house HAD to look like just like the one on the box. I had stifled any creativity and instilled a sense that if it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t worth doing—neither which are things I ever wanted to do.

Epic mom fail.

It’s no secret that for a writer imagination and creativity are vital and I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t think about the damage I could have done. I’m a writer after all. I use my imagination on a daily basis. It’s important to me. It’s everything to me. It’s what keeps my little world spinning around.

The imagination of a child is the last innocence of life. When they don’t have a worry or care, but to just enjoy life. It should be treasured, allowed to flourish, and above all, it should be protected. Who cares what the gingerbread house looks like, who cares if it’s perfect, who cares if it doesn’t look like the one on the box. As long as you and your kids had fun making it and it turned out exactly how they envisioned it, that is all that should matter.

When you get down into the nitty-gritty of life, you realize that life is imperfection. A beautiful imperfection that makes everyday special and worthwhile.

Perfection is for a box. And, who wants to live in a box?


Angela’s latest release When the Black Roses Grow is now available 

Back of the Book:

Twenty-five men and women were accused. Nineteen hung to their death on Gallow Hills. One suffocated under bone-crushing stones. All believed to possess the power of witchcraft.  

In 1692 the fear of witchcraft is spreading around Salem village. While those who are accused and sentenced face death, everyone else faces the risk of accusations placed upon them.

As Emmalynn Hawthorne, the daughter of a woman hung for witchcraft, places a bouquet of flowers upon her mother’s grave, a circle of black roses sprouts out of thin air. Dark magic, the roses strike fear through her heart when Mary Pruett and the handsome new-comer, James DeKane, spy upon her as they pass along the traveling road. Emmalynn flees and her panic soon turns into terror as another vine of black roses sprouts and grows throughout the inside of her home. Is she a witch? Will she be the next accused?

James DeKane has secrets of his own—ones that could prove deadly for him and anyone he holds dear. At fault for the untimely death of his parents, he must protect his hidden brother and dying sister, all while fearing that the haunting prophecy bestowed upon him at birth will come to pass. Desperate and fighting the monster deep inside of him, he’s searching for the one love who can alter his destiny. 

Buy Link :

About Angela:

Angela lives on a ranch with her husband, two daughters, and many farm animals. She was born and raised in Nevada, and grew up riding and showing horses from hunter jumper, English equitation, western pleasure, trail, and halter. While she doesn’t show anymore, she still loves to trail ride her paint horse, Honky. In December of 2007, she and her husband moved to Oklahoma.

From a young age, she always wanted to write a novel. However, she never believed she could write anything well enough for a publisher to even consider her. Every time the desire flickered, she shoved the thought from my mind until one morning, in 2009, she awoke with the determination to follow her dream.

You can visit her website at

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Gingerbread Houses with Susan J Berger

Susan B James, author of Time and Forever, has a favorite holiday tradition. Gingerbread house decorating. She loves it so much that every year she gives two parties. One for her church and one for family and friends. She also gives out a gingerbread house making secret!! Check it out :)

Back in the 1980’s the party was much smaller and I built the houses from scratch. Now we use kits. I scout the 99 cent stores for fun candy and whip up a rainbow of frosting colors. 

I’ve never seen two houses alike and the looks on people’s faces as they create their masterpieces gives me such joy   

 The secret to building a gingerbread house from a kit? Straight pins. Ignore the kit’s This is so easy anyone can so it, attitude. Once you have glued your walls together with frosting, use straight pins to secure them in place. You can remove them when the frosting is dry. 


Time and Forever

1969. Love was free, man walked on the moon, and Sherry and Lorena found the loves of their lives. Sherry shared a kiss that dreams were made of, with a stranger on the tube in London. And ran away. Lorena found the love of her life in Los Angeles and married him.

The present. Sherry’s a successful businesswoman with two grown sons. Lorena’s an actress on a popular sitcom. Sherry’s husband dumped her for a younger woman eighteen years ago. Lorena’s husband died of cancer.

Sherry wants a second chance at Love. Lorena doesn’t believe that’s possible. But when a glitch in a Virtual Reality Adventure game sends them back to the real 1969, anything can happen.


Buy it here:


Audio Book (It’s 1.99 on Audible if you own the 2.99 eBook)




Jen stared at Lorena intently. “I need that accent. I’ve been looking for someone to coach me. We’re rehearsing A Streetcar Named Desire. Come back to the theater with us.”

Lorena looked at Sherry inquiringly.

“Go ahead, Lorena,” Jeremy said. “I wanted to borrow Sherry for the afternoon.”

Lorena and Jen both eyed him like disapproving mothers. Sherry stifled a giggle

Jeremy was the picture of injured innocence. “Honestly, Jen, do you think I’m going to take her to my flat and have my wicked way with her?”

I hope so, Sherry thought.

“This is strictly business. I have to interview Lady Dorchester this afternoon and I thought Sherry might be able to help.”

“That old bat? She’s barmy.” Jen said. She turned to Sherry. “Better you than me. Good luck.”

“Why does he need help interviewing her?” Lorena asked.

“She won’t talk to him unless there is a woman present. She’s totally off her rocker. Thinks she’s still a lady in waiting.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Lorena asked.

“To Queen Victoria,” Jeremy answered. “And she thinks her pet mouse is the reincarnation of Queen Victoria. I’m going to interview the mouse.” He turned to Sherry. “You don’t by any chance speak mouse? I could use a translator.”

“I’m sorry,” Sherry replied with a straight face, “the only mouse I was well acquainted with my s— ah . . . sister’s pet mouse and he spoke common field mouse. I’m afraid I won’t be much help.”

Jeremy’s eyes crinkled at the corners. “That’s all right. We’ll rely on Lady Dorchester.”


Author Bio

Susan is an actress as Susan Berger and a children’s book writer as Susan J. Berger.

Susan B. James is her pen name for romance. Time and Forever is her debut romance. She’s revising two more.

Under any name she is a certified bookaholic, a joyful grandmother, and absolutely believes in magic and happy-ever-after.

Where you can find Susan:

Blog:Susan B James

Children’s Book Blog:The Pen and Ink Blogspot

Facebook Author Page

Twitter @ SusanJBerger

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